Who are the Rohingya Muslims? Real History of Rohingya Muslim Genocide and Global Role

Barma Rohingya Muslims are often described as "the world's most persecuted minority". 

Burma Rohingya are an ethnic group, the majority of whom are Muslim, who have lived for centuries in the majority Buddhist Myanmar. Currently, there are about 1.1 million Rohingya who lives in the Southeast Asian country Rakhine State. The Rohingya Muslim speak Rohingya or Ruaingga, a dialect that is distinct to others spoken in Rakhine State and throughout Myanmar. 

1660: Thiri Thudhamma the king of Arakan killed the Mughal king suja and his family members who took refused there. it was the begging of hostility towards Rohingyas and Muslims in this region. 

1784:  Burmese king Bodawpaya conquered Arakan and continued the persecution of local  Rohingya people.

1828: Burma becomes an English colony. After it achieved autonomy in 1937 Buddhist communal riot become a widespread phenomenon there. Around 3 million Rohingya Muslim were killed at that time.

1947-1948: Arakan was made a part of Myanmar instead of the east Pakistan by British colonialists although local people ware against it.they ware cheated politically. 

1978: the new wave of genocide started in Arakan by Buddhist. around 300,000 Rohingya entered Bangladesh as refugees. Ziaur Rahman president of Bangladesh took a strong stance against this. Myanmar claimed that  Rohingyas are ethnically Bengali. president Ziaur Rahman stated clearly "if Rohingyas are Bengali then Arakan is a part of Bangladesh" due to his strong diplomatic actions among the international communities Myanmar was forced to take back the Rohingya refugees in 1979 under the auspices of the united nation. 

1991: Myanmar restarted the persecution of Rohingyas around 265,000 refugees entered Bangladesh. prime minister Khaleda Zia's government successfully forced the Myanmar government to take them back through a treaty. 

2005: Myanmar broke the treaty and stopped Rohingya repatriation process. 

2012: Myanmar army started their ill-treatment and oppression on Rohingyas incited by Buddhist terrorist Ashin Wirathu . Rohingyas flooded to Bangladesh to save their lives. Sheikh Hasina the prime minister of Bangladesh refused to give them shelter demonstrated an unprecedented level of inhumanity and cruelty . Bangladesh government pushed back the Rohingya refugees towards death and peril. thousand of Rohingyas ware floating the bay  of Bengal in-numerous Rohingya lives ware lost in the sea. Bangladesh government led by Sheikh Hasina violated the international laws and the refugees convention of 1951. in late July 2012 sheikh Hasina government ordered there prominent international aid organizations  to escape providing assistance to Rohingya living in cox's bazaar and surrounding areas . a wave of criticism and condemnation was raised worldwide . however, sheikh Hasina and her government remained unmoved.

2017: Silence and cruelty of Sheikh Hasina government provoked the Buddhist terror of Myanmar and they take the genocide of Rohingyas to an unimaginable level . Rohingya Muslims have faced a degree of killing, rapes and tortures which they have never faced before . now this is a full scale  genocide on Rohingyas leading to an ethnic cleansing. the inhumane situation finally caught attention of the global community. people of Bangladesh and other counties especially turkey demanded Bangladesh government to give shelter. finally, the government of Sheikh Hasina was forced by people of Bangladesh and international community to accept Rohingya refugees. At present more than 500,000 Rohingyas refugees in Bangladesh . They need help . They need all of our support to survive now the question is: what is the solution? 
everyone must come forward . everybody must rasise theor voices in supprt of the rohingya people .
They must be given their land back......
They must be give their rights back .....
or else they deserve absolute freedom from there oppressors like the east time got in 2002. 

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