Delay in emergency ambulance leads to death, need Public Awareness

In metropolitan cities like Tokyo, Jakarta, Seoul and populated country like India, Thailand, China, Bangladesh, Mexico, Every year thousands of people are dying as the ambulances take too long time to reach the incident spot and hospital. This delay is mainly because of the increase in traffic congestion and sometime this delay may lead to death.

How should an ambulance be? 

Though there is a signal from emergency system, traffic policemen are taking a long time to clear away for emergency truck. The reason behind is a large rush of instruments. So, the ambulance should be able to provide pre-hospital care to the injured person/subject from incident point to hospital. Apart from the stretcher, trolley, and paramedical staff, the ambulance should also equip basic life support systems. That includes like a furnace, defibrillator, medicines and one doctor. 

Sometimes, the ambulances are even used for personal purposes. Thus, the motorists try to overtake the ambulance without giving a path. The ambulance has to be used only for the emergency purpose. Every citizen should be responsible at their work. 

Life is more important than anything else. Make a way to the ambulance and save a life.

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