10 Things You Should NEVER Share/write/post on Facebook or social Media

Recently, security researchers at stop discovered a vulnerability that may have allowed attackers to vary messages and links sent through Facebook traveler. Facebook quickly patched the bug. however did you recognize links sent in camera through traveler may be scan by anyone? furthermore, Facebook is aware of concerning this and has no plans to repair the problem. we tend to board a generation of oversharing however a line has got to be drawn somewhere. permit U.S.A. to draw it out for you.

Even if you think that that you just have your Facebook privacy settings secured down, it’s still pretty tough to regulate wherever your posts and photos find yourself. You don’t have abundant management over what your friends do together with your posts, and with simply some likes, a post is seen by many people who you don’t apprehend. meaning that it’s means too simple for posts to show up once university admissions officers, potential employers, or prospective business partners look for you on the social network. thus there ar some things that you just ought to avoid posting regarding on Facebook, simply to remain on the safe aspect.

1.Phone Number : 

Home or personal mobile number on Facebook, beaten by means of this number can steal . Your phone number search to find out if anyone can ID/ Facebook page . Security Expert Reza Moyainadina said that social media is not very good security, from the mobile phone can be easily stolen . 

2Home address : 

You recently had a holiday where you can bring the image of the danger . Extreme folly to give the home address . If the 'contacts and basic info "section gives information Quickly Remove it . It 'edit' in the 'Save Changes' Click.

3.Career/Profession Information :

What do you do, where do you do, etc. Do not give information on Facebook . Go to your office or other institutions to find a job that you can not get any information or images which may not be their choice . This creates serious problems n career / Profession . If you have information please use scan tools the Facebook timeline . You can see your previous posts . If there have professional information please remove any information.

4.Relationship Status: 

Relationship is a part of personal life . These are the open space is on Facebook . On personal, family and social life are caused by various problems. Anyone can create all sorts of problems with them . So do not let the relationship status of the Facebook . 

5.Financial information : 

Facebook can be used for free . But your bank account number or credit card number, etc. will not given .When hackers balance will be doomed 。 Once all the information on the computer at home, whereas someone else sitting at the computer, you can use it to spend more money

6.You're Going on Vacation:

Bought tickets for a five day Caribbean cruise and need to share your departure date on Facebook? in all probability a foul plan.

Criminals have gotten smarter and smarter recently. If I will simply setup a probe in Tweetdeck or Mention based mostly around a keyword or keyword phrase, do not you think that criminals will do an equivalent look for "Vacation" posts among your nothing code?

Sure it's alright to be excited concerning your cruise and perhaps brag concerning it. however if you are gonna try this check that your post is ready solely to your friends -- which your friends are not weirdos!

Maybe it is best to post pics of your cruise when you retreat to from it, instead of creating yourself a straightforward target.

7.Stuff about your kids:

This is a tricky one.

We all like to share pics of our children doing goofy things or after they accomplish one thing. that is all fine. Facebook is all concerning being social.

You ne'er grasp who's look...
Unfortunately, we have a tendency to board a time once pedophiles ar smarter than they wont to be. you would like to safeguard your children by not giving freely an excessive amount of information concerning them on-line.I would recommend not posting their names to the "public" setting in the least. And you ought to ne'er say what college they are going to.

And for the love of Pete Sampras, please do not post pics of your children within the bath or running around naked?! does one really need somebody to urge their jollies off whereas watching your child?!

Worse yet, what if somebody reported  that image to Facebook or authorities as inappropriate and cycles/second came knock on your door?
Is it okay to brag concerning your children and post pics of them? positive. But limit that to your real friends and family on-line. to not the general public United Nations agency will take that image and do no matter they need with it.

8. The layout of your house:

Let's say you engineered a brand new house and wish to indicate it off to your friends and followers on Facebook.

You grab your iPhone and record a video or take photos of every of the rooms within the house and post to Facebook. No huge deal, right?


What you simply did is enable any criminal to understand the precise layout of your house -- thus it's one hundred times easier for him to induce around once he breaks in. Bottom line: a layout of the home is undoubtedly not what you ought to share on Facebook!

Again, my caution here could sound over the highest -- however if you are posting this stuff in public, you are setting yourself up for a clear stage in.

9. Political or Religious Beliefs (Business page): 

So you're keen on Obama, you're keen on Deliverer, you're a giant fan of Buddha. Great.

But once it involves your Facebook BUSINESS page you should not bring up that stuff.


As i discussed in my post concerning being a bad fan page admin, talking concerning politics on your page effectively attracts a line within the sand together with your fans/users. Same goes for faith.

Unless you're ready to alienate half your potential customers you are more contented keeping that stuff to yourself -- or on your personal profile.

But even on your personal profile you have got to be weary of those topics. Remember: currently you yourself area unit the complete.

10. Ask People to Like your Page (Business Page):

If somebody has already "Liked" your page why square measure you asking them to love it? Doh!

To American state you in real time create American state feel unimportant -- seeing as I likable your page months past.

It's also dangerous kind, in my opinion, to beg your fans to share your page with their friends. It's merely not aiming to happen.

Plus it is a waste of a post -- and can doubtless hurt your Edgerank as a result of you will get low interaction on it post.

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