How to make Malaysian Most Popular Food || Nasi Goreng Paprika (Video)

See How to make Nasi Goreng Paprika

■ Ingredients:
1 or 1/2 plate of white rice
2 eggs scrambled
1/2 green bell pepper
5 pieces of curly red pepper
3 pieces hot Chilies
a little soy sauce
cooking oil
4 shallots
2 pieces of garlic

■ Step:
1. Soft red pepper, cayenne pepper, onion, garlic
2. Cut two relatively thick and long peppers
3. Heat oil, put the spices cook until cooked flavor
4. Put scrambled eggs, rice, soy sauce, salt and flavorings.
5. Ready to serve, fried rice will feel paprika

Hopefully you can make Malaysia Most Popular Food Nasi Goreng Paprika. If you can make it , please send me a plate. I want to eat again.

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